Idaho Food Coop was started in 2016 by Rebekah to bring local, healthy and affordable protein options to Treasure Valley families.  In 2021, we purchased IFC when Rebekah was ready to move to new adventures.

Today, IFC is owned by Doug, Krista, Steven and Jaime Huettig.  We are a family farm in southern Idaho and are continuing the mission of….working with Idaho farms to bring you delicious meats from producers who thoughtfully raise and treat their animals.

A little about us…

  • Since 2012, we have raised our own grass fed/grass finished beef and pastured poultry.
  • This business is about nutritious and delicious food but also sustainable production and environmental health.
  • We are fourth generation producers.
  • We are committed to supporting other small, local farms who produce amazing products.

Local, high quality food is so important to our own families.  We take seriously the opportunity to help you bring these same foods to your dinner table.

Cows in a field