My name is Rebekah and I grew up on a ranch. I come from many generations of ranchers and my family raised beef, pork and lamb. Although my family no longer ranches, I learned a lot about hard work and where my food comes from.

I am always looking for healthy, affordable options to feed my family and know that other families are looking for the same.  I started Idaho Food Co-op in 2016 with the goal to make purchasing from local farms as easy as it is to buy meat at the local grocery store or online.

I work with local Idaho farms to bring you meat that is:

  • antibiotic-free
  • hormone-free
  • pesticide-free
  • fed GMO-free feed
  • raised in pastures and treated with kindness

I also purchase wild-caught fish from Alaska and personally know the fishermen and how the fish are handled and processed.

I am proud to bring you the highest quality local meat and fish available at affordable price. I am also happy to now provide local, pesticide-free fruit. Thank you for trying Idaho Food Coop out and helping us become Treasure Valley’s source for Farm to Table!