Grass Finished Beef Half Share


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Custom cut Red Star Ranch half beef shares are now available!

A great way for families to stock their freezers for a season. A beef half will provide you with the greatest selection of cuts at the best value.

A beef half is approximately 180 lbs of grass finished beef. You may choose to have your beef cut and wrapped to your own specifications.

Halves are available April through October. We will assist you in selecting the best processing date to fit your schedule.

To make it simple, you can download our recommended cut sheet, review the selections and confirm your choices. Specialty cuts will have an additional cost.

Approximate percentage of cuts: 50% ground, 25% roast, 25% steak

You may choose to pay a deposit on your half. The remaining balance is due at pick up/delivery.

If this is your first time making a bulk purchase, we encourage you to call and discuss the options and process with us.